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Our Restaurants

Our Restaurants

Our Restaurants

Our Restaurants s are cornerstones in communities of all sizes across Canada. They’re meeting places for business and pleasure; they’re where we celebrate; they’re where gather to mourn a loss. The local restaurant is where many of us worked out first part-time gig, or went on a first date, or stopped by when we needed to see a friend. Canadians are connected deeply to “their” local pub or “their” late-night takeout spot.

The impact of Our Restaurants on Canadians is deeply felt. The industry directly creates one out of every 15 jobs (1.2 million Canadians), serves 22 million meals per day to Canadians, operates close to 100,000 establishments, pays Canadians $30 billion of wages and benefits, and contributes $31 billion to Canada’s GDP each year.

When the pandemic hit, Our Restaurants were among the first and hardest hit. Notwithstanding their own losses, which includes 800,000 jobs lost, the food services industry stepped up to serve their communities and their customers and continued to bring Canadians together – just in new and innovative ways. But in spite of its best intentions and best efforts, the food services industry will be among the last to resume normal operations, on a timeline stretching at least into the next 12-18 months. Current government supports are not equipped for this reality.

Food service locations operate on thin margins when tables are full and face high fixed costs, seasonality, high liquidity, and perishable inventory. The reality now, with COVID-19 in our midst, is that the safety requirements both limit revenue and increase costs. Continued operation for the majority of our restaurants is uncertain.

Supporting Our Restaurants creates a win-win. Just as they have always been there for Canadians, now we need Canadians to be there for the restaurant and food services sector.

As a part of the GLCC and the Langley business community, you can do your part by supporting Our Restaurants by visiting our GLCC Eats page when ordering your next meal for delivery or take out.

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