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Vancouver Freeze Dry

Vancouver Freeze Dry

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About Us

Vancouver Freeze Dry (VFD) was established in Langley, British Columbia by a team of passionate food science researchers in 2016. Our primary goal is to preserve and offer natural, healthy, convenient and tasty fruits and vegetables to people. Living on Lower Mainland's rich natural resources, and regulated by the world highest standard on food processing, VFD has become Canada’s leading supplier for freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Our products can be eaten directly or used as ingredients for other food processing enterprises to increase nutrition and taste. our facilities are SQF and GMP certified.

In recent years, inspired by the market, our research lab has developed over 100 types of new products, which use our freeze-dried fruit and vegetable cubes as the base and coat them with dried yogurt or probiotics. To keep our product in truly natural, we only use milk from BC, and all our probiotics are fermented in our own place with fruits and vegetables.

Our products have been widely distributed across Canada and the United States. Whether you're seeking a tasty snack or healthy additions to your meals or drinks, VFD’s products are your wise choice. Our products are also widely used as the foundation of all sorts of snacks by other food companies across North America.


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