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4Bears Investments

4Bears Investments

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About Us

A group of varied companies offering superior services in the home security and hospitality sectors among others.

The Flying Bun sandwich shop was founded in the city of Abbotsford in 2022 that seeks to offer flavours from around the world within a sandwich, fusing flavors and presenting an artisan an gourmet offer.

At Canella Catering our mission is to create a gastronomic experience that knows no boundaries. Our menus are a tapestry woven with threads of flavors from around the world, interwoven with the warmth and vibrancy of Latin American cuisine. Through our food, we aim to connect cultures, bring people together, and spark conversations that transcend language. Visit

Smart City BC Smart City BC provides the latest security technologies and techniques in an ever-changing threat landscape, staying focused on delivering high-quality solutions and continuing to innovate in the security space


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