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Maker Cube Inc.

Maker Cube Inc.


About Us

Maker Cube is Langley’s most exciting and innovative community workshop. From our comprehensive selection of tools and workspaces; to our custom fabrication business and diverse educational programming – it all comes back to one thing: We are the destination for hobbyists, the curious, and seasoned professionals alike to learn, explore and unleash their creativity.

What Is A Makerspace?
A makerspace is a communal workspace where people can share tools, knowledge, and skills. It’s a shop where we create, not consume. A hub for producers, inventors, students, and educators. A home for inspiration and innovation. A place where you feel like you can make anything.

A makerspace is a place to make meaning. A space to really make yourself.

Why Use A Makerspace?
A makerspace removes barriers that block the creative process. Perhaps you don’t have the space at home to create or you’d rather not make a mess in your living room that would take months to clean. A makerspace can provide you with both communal and private space for you to work in an environment suited for all types of fabrication. Perhaps you’re not ready to invest thousands of dollars on specialty equipment. A makerspace provides access to these tools by sharing it amongst its members and making it more affordable for individuals to use. Additionally, it creates the opportunity to explore new tools you may never thought you would have access to or learn how to use.

Most importantly, a makerspace is a community. A place for people to meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals. There is never a lack of interest


Woodshop from above
Guitar Makers
Laser cutting
Studio Spaces
Computer Lab - Design Classes
3D printers